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StreetPrint is a unique patented paving process that has all the charm and character of hand-laid brick or stamped concrete at a fraction of the cost. It is the most highly efficient, cost effective decorative pavement product on the market. The asphalt is laid and compacted to local specifications and then imprinted with your choice of custom patterns. These patterns range from Brick, Ashlar Slate, British Cobble to many other beautiful patterns.

The asphalt receives a specially formulated color coat that gives the asphalt a realistic brick color while acting as a superior sealer. The coated surface is an epoxy fortified acrylic emulsion which combines to create a coating with high wear resistance and flexibility. It is easy to maintain and covered by a two year residential and one year commercial warranty.

Partners Excavating Company has combined quality work, reliability and integrity in our company's philosophy. We guarantee this is the kind of service you will receive. Our company has installed over half a million square feet of StreetPrint. Visit the StreetPrint web site.